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CARBS, Good or Evil?

  I wrote this post for instagram and then I started to think. Why is this excellent info a thing that I would leave off of the site? Why would this site be only a place for recipes and not for inspiration, information, and conversation?   🍌CARBS!🍦 They have really been demonized by diet culture,… Continue reading CARBS, Good or Evil?

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Cubed & Seasoned Sweet Potatoes

This recipe has been our go-to sweet potato for meal prep for at least a year straight! At first we did the thing where you just throw baked whole sweet potatoes into the meal prep containers in weird segments trying to fit that meal's allotted carb allowance. It can get pretty hairy when you're cooking… Continue reading Cubed & Seasoned Sweet Potatoes

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The easiest-to-prep protein ever. Shrimp.

Hello! Welcome. This is a place where I, Lisa (with the help of my lovely handsome husband Bradford) will provide tips, ideas, and thoughts on how to be awesome at your own nutrition and therefore increase your quality of life without it being this huge stressful time suck. Don't get me wrong, it takes some… Continue reading The easiest-to-prep protein ever. Shrimp.